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The crew at work.

The beggars are all on a diet and circle like sharks at feeding time. 

Rest in peace to our boys!

Queen Zippy

She is the Queen of Laguna, just ask her!


You can see her strutting her stuff around the hospital rocking her lion cut! 


Penny came to us summer of 2019, she was found as a stray in Santa Rosa and brought to us after having a litter of kittens. She is now a retired mother and has been spayed. She is the sweetest of our "House Cats" and licks to treat herself to human snacks. Her prefered place is either on your lap or on the desk you are working on. This sweet girl loves any and all attention!

Penny and Ava are twin sisters!


Picture coming soon!


Ava also came to us summer of 2019 as a stay. She came to us with her litter of 4 kittens. Her personality is quite opposite of her sister. As much as she does enjoy the occasional affection, she would much rather be exploring the nooks and crannies of the hospital! 

Ava is Penny's twin sister!


Picture to come soon!


Introducing Mochi! Mochi is our newest addition to the Laguna family.

Mochi is very sweet and loving girl!



Rest in peace to our sweet girl; we love you!


Mo is our sweet calico kitty!


Rest in peace to beauitful Mo, thank you for filling our days with joy!