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Dr. Sue Boynton

Dr. Sue has been with Laguna Veterinary Hospital since 2000, assuming ownership in 2005.  She graduated from UC Davis in 1992, then pursued training in internal medicine & cardiology.  Her compassion and love for animals has given many pets a second chance, including many here at Laguna.  This includes 'Zippy', 'Dude', "Moe" and 'Mochi'. Her own home houses 3 dogs, 4 cats, 1 snake, in addition to 2 quickly growing sons!


University of California, Davis

BS, Veterinary science 1989

DVM, 1992

My special interests include internal medicine, cardiology and endocrinology.


Lacey Scroggins

Lacey has been with us since summer of 2018! She is our office manager and full time technician who has years of experience caring for animals. We are lucky she chose to join our Laguna Vet team!

Fun Fact!

Lacey has 15 animals! These range from dogs, cats, rabbit, snake, and birds! 

Monika Herbst

Monika joined our team spring of 2018. She is our part-time senior technician on staff with 30+ years of experince! Not only does she work here on our surgery days, but she also works for a local traveling orthopedic surgeon. We are happy to have her on board! 

About me!

Monika is a HUGE fan of the San Jose Sharks! 


She is also the mother of 1 cat, 1 dog, a bunch of fish, and 1 son! 

Anna Braniff

Anna started at Laguna in November 2014 as a volunteer, and was hired in April 2015 as a vet assistant and receptionist. She also lives on a ten acre farm with 3 goats, 15 chickens, 5 horses and much more! She also likes to spend time in her garden growing all sorts of vegetables with her gardening assistant Gus the Pug!

About Me

When I'm not working at Laguna, I am taking classes for a degree in nursing.


I also spend hours riding my horses each week!

Liz Hunchard

Liz has been working in the animal field for 10 plus years, thus she has a ton of experience when it comes to the safety and care for your animal! She is well on her way to becoming a Registered Vet Tech! We are super proud of her and exctied for her journey into a rewarding profession!

Fun Fact!

Liz adopted her spoiled and beloved little kitty "Frida" from Laguna in the summer of 2018!

Fiona Pearlstein

I'm in the JC Vet Tech Program, I have always had a great love for all animals, and I have worked with neonates and service dogs for years. I hope to work with marine mammals after I get my vet tech license (she is so close!!!) since marine life is my passion!


Fun fact:

Fiona has a passion for photograping nature.

Her household consits of 1 cat and 2 beautiful Beta fish!

Hunter Cassatt

Hunter is our second youngest member of the team, and is in school full time! He helps out mostly on the weekends when he isn't in class, but comes in to assist when he is on a break from school! Hunter has a love for animals and dirt biking (anything outdoors and sports realted!!). We are glad he's able to come in and lend a helping hand.

Fun fact:

Hunter is Lacey's Nephew!

Jenny Axely

Jenny is one of our two full time receptionist and is currently going back to school at SSU, we are so proud! She has a back ground in human medicine, but loves animals. She has an English Cream Golden Retriever who is just so sweet and two cats. We are happy to have her working with us.

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Tiffany Price

Tifffany is one of our two full time receptionist. She is a busy bee taking care of her seven kids and two dogs. She has been in the veterinary profession for over 6 and a half years, and counting! On Tiffany's free time she loves to watch movies, and her favorite is ALL the marvel movies! Welcome to the team Tiffany, we welcome you with open arms!

About my Animals:

Romeo is her 1 year old American Bull dog, his favorite thing to do is play fetch for hours! 

Rosalee is her 12 year old Chihuahua, she has had her every since she was 6 weeks old!

Jordyn Scroggins

If you could not tell already by the last name, Jordyn is our amazing office manager/techicians daughter. She is currently a sophmore at Analy High School and plays for the Varsity Softball team! Jordyn would love to have a career in the medical field or as a Lawyer in the future. She is the younget member of our team, and we are so happy to have her here with us!

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Jordyn has been playing softball since she was a baby and just made the Easton Elite Softball team! 

We are so proud!