Article Editor

Dr. Sue Boynton

Dr. Sue has been with Laguna Veterinary Hospital since 2000, assuming ownership in 2005.  She graduated from UC Davis in 1992, then pursued training in internal medicine & cardiology.  Her compassion and love for animals has given many pets a second chance, including many here at Laguna.  This includes 'Zippy', 'George' and 'Mike Wizowski'. Her own home houses 3 dogs,3 cats, 1 snake, in addition to 2 quickly growing sons!


University of California, Davis

BS, Veterinary science 1989

DVM, 1992

My special interests include internal medicine, cardiology and endocrinology.


Lena Short

Lena is one of our lovely receptionists. Lena and her husband, Josh, have quite the lineup of pets.  This includes 4 cats, 2 dogs, 6 chickens, and 2 goats.  Still room for more!  When not at Laguna she works with horses and paints.  She has been a great addition to our Laguna team.

My education

I graduated from Pima Medical Institute in San Diego, CA as a Veterinary Technician.

Cami Rothmuller

Cami joined Laguna in October of 2015. She works as a receptionist and a kennel assistant and has a huge soft spot for senior pets. She loves creatures of all shapes, sizes, and families, and aside from a short list of insects and arachnids, finds the charm in any living thing. She has two western hognose snakes named 'Sooey' and 'Wilbur'.


About Me

I enjoy driving my '89 BMW, making costumes, and watching Mad Max: Fury Road.


Anna Braniff

Anna started at Laguna in November 2014 as a volunteer, and was hired in April 2015 as a kennel assistant. She lives with her dad, who just happens to be Laguna's senior technician Jim, on their ranch in Sebastopol. 

About Me

When I'm not working at Laguna, I enjoy spending my weekends at horse shows, showing in Hunter Jumpers and equitation. I am currently studying biochemistry at the Santa Rosa Junior College and UC Davis.

Katie Gilbertson

Katie started working at Laguna Vet in August of 2016 as a kennel assistant. She is currently taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College to become a Veterinary Technician. Katie has three of her own animals at home, a Jack Russel named Louie, and two snakes named Nessy and Red. 

I Love Animals!

I love all animals, the only creatures I won't pick up are spiders, centipedes and scorpions! No thank you! 

When I'm not working at Laguna I am studying at SRJC to become a Veterinary Technician.

Melissa Criddle

Melissa is a Techinician Assistant here at Laguna Veterinary. Melissa has a sweet puppy name Mayer. She has been with us since June of 2016. 


I am currently studying at the Santa Rosa Junior College and plan to transfer next semester to Sonoma State University. 

Karina Valencia

Karina is one of our lovely receptionists. Karina has been with us since early 2017. 

My Education

Karina will be attending the SRJC

Lauren Salamanca

Lauren started working at Laguna in August of 2017 as a kennel tech assistant

When not at Laguna, she enjoys walking her dog, Ruby, and playing piano.


"Working at Laguna led me to taking home the best kitty ever, Hobbes, a survivor of the Sonoma County fires"